WellSim® Control System is designed for automation of oil production process. This complete solution includes a full set of functional modules for management and protection of sucker rod pump unit. (SRP unit).

Control System has modular structure that allows to pick configuration for almost any customer requirements and operating conditions, as well as to minimize the price of that configuration.
Intellectual core of the system – the WellSim™ RPC that analyzes data from multiple sensors (including not standard), builds the surface and downhole dynagraphs, calculates derived parameters of equipment and well conditions, and produces the most effective solutions for SRP unit control. This provides the most efficient mode of well operation, which increases oil production up to 2-4%, provides energy savings up to 67% and reduces the frequency of failures.
WellSim® Control System complements WellSim RPC management functions with reliable protection of SRP power equipment:
Motor protection by permissible voltage level
Correct phase sequence, phase symmetry and lack of phase coalescence
Protection against line voltage unbalance
Equipment protection against short circuit
Detection and indication of alarms
Emergency stop on SRP unit failure
Alerts for repair crews on emergency situations with SRP unit drive speed control
Automatic and manual well control
Reactive power compensation
Providing the peripheral equipment with power
Protecting electrical equipment against lightning discharges
Recording and display of energy consumption
Preventing accidental start-ups while technical maintenance
Detection of leak and damage of electrical wiring, insulation
Protection of operating personnel against an electric shock
Working in a wide temperature range
Alarm on unauthorized opening of enclosure doors
Sound notification on starting SRP unit drive
WellSim™ Control System with variable-frequency drive (VFD) is top-end solution for pumping operations, allowing WellSim RPC a fine adjustment of motor speed and providing:
Energy recuperation, savings of up to 67% of electricity
Soft start (automatically when environment temperature is low)
Dynamic control of drive speed – allows slowing down at the peak load and speed up at the minimum load
Speed control to maintain optimal pump intake pressure
Implementation of dynamic change of SRP unit drive speed for optimal plunger movement
Continuous operation with minimum velocity which is effective for exhausted well.
WellSim™ Control System can be mounted in various casings, including vandalproof, modular, single-block etc. with various ergonomics options (exterior lighting, custom manual control panel etc.) and auxiliary equipment (ammeters/voltmeters, electricity meters etc.). Also Naftamatika s.r.o. offers wide range of telecommunication options to be installed inside control system suitable for various oilfield objects.
WellSim® Control Station