Load and position sensor EMS122 is designed to measure load on polished rod and track its position, EMS122 is intended to work with rod pump controller in harsh oil industry conditions, including far north and desert environment with presence of aggressive substances and explosive gases.

EMS122 generates amplified microvolt signal from strain gauge and position signal from acceleration sensor, embedded in the same standard enclosure. High accuracy is provided by precise manufacturing and temperature-compensated bridge of strain gauges, as well as by individual testing of each sensor after manufacturing.
Standard design allows to install EMS122 instead of load cells of other manufacturers.
Monolith design makes EMS122 easy to install and maintain.
Rated capacity: 0-133,6 kN (30 klbs), 0-222,4 kN (50 klbs)
Accuracy class (Load): 0,5
Accuracy class (Acceleration): 2,0
Compensated temperature range: – 40°C … + 60°C
Operating temperature range: – 50°C … + 80°C
Construction: Stainless steel
Protection: IP65
Explosive protection: 1Ex ia mb IIC T4 Gb X
Load & Position sensor EMS122