EMS150 system is designed to automatically provide water supply using water wells and reservoirs. The system ensures optimal operation of pumps and maintenance of pressure at the outlet of the tanks.

The system consists of three main parts, supplied separately depending on the water supply scheme:

  • Strain gauge sensor for installation on water tank to monitor water level and pressure. (with two CAB1-4C-65F-PM signal cables and set of KL121 spherical washers)
  • Pump motor control panel consisting of relays and terminal blocks for routing and control of water well pump electric motors:
              -Relay FINDER
              -Relay FINDER
              -EATON M22-LED-G
              -Terminal holder WAGO 249-117
              -Phoenix contect FBS2-5
              -Phoenix contect ST 2,5
              -Phoenix contect D-ST 2,5
              -Phoenix contect ZB5/1-10
              -Phoenix contect ZB5/21-30
              -Phoenix contect ZB5/41-50
  • WellSim SBRIO 9642XT controller for managing the whole system which may include several pumps ant water reservoirs.


EMS151 automatic water production and supply system components can be supplied separately. Please contact us for further information.
HS code: 90318020
NOTE: If the system is delivered together with the WellSim sbRIO 9642XT controller board, HS code 9032900090 is used for this part.
Weight measuring system set EMS150