Automation system can be implemented on the basis of 2 WellSim RPCs by using: fluid meters, weather condition sensors in production facilities, pumps, electricity meters, tanker controller, alarm devices and modem queries.

Automation system interacts with upper-level server to transmit information about the state of injection station, and allows its fine tune. Automation system software is based on the WellSim controller modular architecture and works in real time.
Data acquisition from eighteen fluid meters is processed over MODBUS protocol and is used for precise calculation of control mode. Automation system is monitoring climatic conditions by collecting, processing and storing data from temperature, humidity and pressure sensors.
Tanker controller connection provides control over MODBUS protocol by inlet and outlet valves and level of its filling. Automation system also controls electric consumption via means of electricity meters and optimises it. Controllers constantly analyse status of equipment and provide warnings, that can prevent malfunctions and accidents.
Automation system integrates with top-level systems, provides remote control and transfers technical data, allowing to provide all operations from distant data center, increasing staff efficiency.
Connected RPC controllers allow to balance the level of extracted and injected fluid, maintain health of oil reservoir by calculating and implementation of optimal level of injection, that makes controlled oilfield “smart”.
Automation system for injection stations